Week 03

Bits, Material

Machining Process

A. Milling Machine

B. Lathe

C. Multiple Axis CNC Machine


1. Piston

2. Engine Block

3. Car key

4. Crankshaft

1. Bit / End Mill

Drill Bit 드릴비트

Brad Point Bits 목재에 용이

Spade Bits 나무 판
Hole Saw

Forstner Bits

Counter Sink Bits

Step Drill Bits

Router Bit

Driver Bit

2. Center Punch, 센터 펀치

3. Marking Blue 금속용 마킹


1. Aluminum

2. Steel : Diesel Engine Piston

Racing Engine

3. Plastic

plastic pellet

4. Wood

5. Delrin

6. Carbon fiber

7. Magnesium Alloy

Figure 1: Applications of Mg Alloys in motor vehicles

Project 1


그림으로 그려오기, 손이든, Alias 든 아무거로.
Sketch of the project by hand sketch OR CAD.

그림 올리기!! Week 04로 !!

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