Design Prototype to Mass Production

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Hello! D2M

This is an online syllabus for the 'Design Prototype to Mass Production' so called 'D2M' class.

Democratization in manufacturing changed the scope of industrial development. Now you can buy a table top water jet CNC, table top CNC like Other Mill and Metal printing 3D printer, etc. One can make anything they want without a lot of capital. Microcontrollers are made with PCB software like Eagle and programmed with arduino IDE. Starting with a decent design prototype can lead to a mass production.

Learning the ecosystem of starting a hardware startup will give you a lesson why a designer needs to know the engineering basics.

Materials used in American automobile is not different from Japanese automobile. Mass production facility working with Samsung might be the one you will be working with. However, what you will hold in your hands will be different just like American vehicle is different from Japanese vehicle. Knowing engineering scheme is necessary to the designers in tech industry.


A. From Design To Prototype

B. Manufacturing & Mass Production

C. Hardware Accelerator & Startup


  • Project 1 : Design

  • Project 2 : Design and Manufacturing


  1. Introduction, Safety, Units, Dimensions

  2. Drawing Design, CAD, CAM, Fusion 360, AutoCAD

  3. Bits, Material

  4. Project 1

  5. Computer Engineering, Sensors, Digital Input Output, Analog Input Output

  6. Additive, Subtractive, 3D Printer Application, SW Optimization

  7. Tolerance, Kerf, Quality Assurance, Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Service, Tool Life, Wear

  8. Annealing, Permanent-mold Casting, Metal Casting, Metal-rolling, Metal-forging, Hot Extrusion

  9. Shearing, Bending, Spinning, Hot Stamping, Metal Honey Comb, Sintering, Injection, Blow, Rotational Molding

  10. Boring, Drilling, Reaming, Tapping, Knurling

  11. Milling, Planing, Broaching, Gear Manufacturing, Multi-Axes Machine Center

  12. Abrasives, Grinding, Deburring, Friction Wear, Lubrication, Mechanical Surface

  13. Water-jet, Laser-beam, Abrasive-jet, Engineering Management

  14. Laser Welding, Brazing, Adhesive, Mechanical Fastening, Friction Welding

  15. Project 2


  • Making it - Chris Lefteri (Recommended)

  • Manufacturing Engineering and Technology - Serope Kalpakjian, Stephen R. Schmid (Supplement)

  • Engineering Economic Analysis - Donald Newnan, Jerome P. Lavelle, Ted Eschenbach (Supplement)

Office Hour

미국산 자동차와 일본산 자동차가 같은 소재인데 왜 품질이 다른 가? GM의 자동차들은 왜 모두 똑같이 못생긴 지붕을 달았 는가? 폭스바겐의 MQB 모듈화는 왜 필요한가? 도요타의 칸반은 무엇인가? 왜 누구나 전기차 스타트업을 바로 시작하나?

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