Week 02

Drawing, Design, CAD, CAM, Fusion 360, AutoCAD

수업 Survey 설문조사:

1. Drawing a Sketch, Design

2. CAD (Computer-aided design)



3. CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) : g-code

4. Final: Assembly, Completion

5. 과연 위 순서대로 잘 될까?

5. Would this project go smoothly as the above?

NO!! 전혀!!

시간과 소재, 장비 비용이 무척 든다.

It takes Time, Material, Tool, Equipment.

A. Orthographic Drawing/Multi View Drawing 직교 도면

6 Standard View : Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Right Side, Left Side

B. Perspective Drawing

C. Isometric Drawing

Assignment : Think of an object you want to make. (No picture, just Think)

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